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Barbara Lawson

Creative. Wife. Mother. Entrepreneur. Child of God.

Meet Me in the Dirt established its roots in the broken heart of Barbara Lawson, a creative soul and self taught artist who began painting and gardening as a way to tap into a deeper understanding of her journey.  As life unfolded in and around her, grief surrounding the loss of her mother left a deep sadness in her heart that was unbearable.  She sought the aid of a counselor to help sort through her pain and simultaneously began building her own healing garden.  It was in the physical and therapeutic work in planting of this garden, that the darkness subsided and her hope was restored. 


Barbara infuses the gift of encouragement into each piece she creates with flowers and natural accents in an effort to create space for others to celebrate their own uniqueness in this life.  She believes that creativity combined with connection to self first, then others, will pave the way towards healing and change.


Meet Me in the Dirt is a visible reflection of the hidden work occurring in the garden of our own lives.  It is the place where a seed of hope sown and nurtured until its evolution breaks through reimagined and on purpose.  It is transformation, healing, and encouragement wrapped in nature’s inevitable flow.  Meet Me in the Dirt offers various gifts and experiences including grief counseling, small garden design, an expressive arts workshops.

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